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      CN EN

      Product Testing

      Applicable Products

      Yarn: cotton yarn, wool yarn, chemical fiber yarn, etc

      Fabric: knitted fabric, woven fabric, plain fabric, satin fabric, rib fabric, lace fabric, corduroy fabric, etc

      Readymade garments: coats, trousers, skirts, cotton garments, down jackets, underwear, T-shirts, sweaters, etc

      Home textile: bed sheet, quilt cover, pillowcase, quilt, etc

      Decorative items: tie, hair band, mask, hat, scarf, etc

      PPE/Medical protective products: All kinds of Masks,PPE,  protective suit , goggles, Disposable medical gloves, Melt-blown fabric, Protective materials


      With the globalization of the economic, consumers pay more and more attention to the quality and safety of textiles all over the world. As an authoritative third-party testing institution recognized by CNAS and CMA, HTW pays attention to relevant testing and regulations interpreting. HTW can provide testing reports, according to the requirements of the market and online shopping mall (B2C), such as T-mall, JD, Alibaba, Amazon and so on.

      We can provide:

      whole item test of GB18401 and other relevant standards:

      Fiber composition analysis, color fastness test, various strength test, fabric warp and weft density, shrinkage, pilling, combustion performance, children's clothing accessories test, etc.

      Test items:

      Composition: single component, multi-component

      Color fastness: water resistance, sweat resistance, friction resistance, soap resistance, water resistance, dry cleaning resistance, light resistance, light and sweat resistance, chlorine resistance, etc

      Physical properties: breaking strength, tearing strength, joint performance, pilling, tensile strength, washing size change rate, etc

      Chemical safety:  AZO, formaldehyde, pH, peculiar smell, heavy metals, phthalates, etc

      Others: combustion performance, yarn count, gram weight, moisture regain, rope safety, sharp edge and tip, broken metal needle, etc

      PPE/Medical protective products:

      HTW invested 3 million yuan to purchase a full set of equipment for protective products such as Mask, Protective clothing, Gloves etc. Then HTW can provide full testing according related China, EU, and US standards.


      CHN:GB GB/T  FZ/T  QB/T  


      EU:EN 、BS 、DIN 、ISO




      Such as:

      GB 18401, GB 31701, GB 20400,

      EN149, EN 14683,

      GB 2626-2006,GB 2626-2019, GB 14683,

      GB 10213-2006, GB 24786-2009, GB 7543-2006,GB 24787-2009,


      HTW solution:

      Product testing

      Technical consulting

      The rectification measures

      Law interpretation

      Enterprise training

      Advantages of HTW:

      Qualified, authoritative report: the test report issued by the domestic and international widely recognized.

      Testing range: clothing, home textiles, shoes, hats, bags and other textile products can be tested

      Advanced equipment, experienced: with a full set of advanced testing equipment and strong engineering and technical team support.

      Highly recognized by e-commerce platform: it is one of the first batch of quality inspection institutions cooperated by many well-known e-commerce enterprises

      Highly recognized by entity merchants: it has cooperative relations with many well-known entity enterprises: Rainbow, Wal-Mart, etc

      Flexible cycle, competitive price

      Consult Telephone Order
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