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      CN EN

      Product Testing

      Applicable Products

      Electronic and electrical manufacturing, glass processing machinery, printing machinery, plastic processing machinery


      1, CE Certification

      Test field



      2006/42/EC new machinery directive

      General machinery ( SMT and assistant equipment/ IC card equipment/product line/etc) 

      UL subject2011、




      EN/ISO 12100-1、EN/ISO 12100-2、
      EN ISO 14121-1、EN 60204-1
      EN ISO 13849-1、EN ISO 13857
      EN ISO 13854、EN ISO 13732-1
      EN ISO 3746、EN ISO 3744

      Rubber and plastics machinery

      EN 201、EN 422、EN 1114、EN 289

      Food process machinery

      EN 453、EN1672-2

      Transportable motor-operated electric tools

      Hand-held non-electric power tools

      Hand-held motor-operated electric tools

      EN 792、EN60745、EN61029

      Woodworking machines


      Lifting platform

      EN1570、EN 1493

      Shoemaking machines


      Machine tools

      EN 12717、EN13128、EN13218、EN13985

      Printing and paper converting machines

      EN 1010

      Paper making and finishing machines


      Packaging machines

      EN 415

      Textile machinery

      EN ISO 11111

      Laser processing machines

      EN/ISO 11553

      Reciprocating internal combustion

      Engine driven generating sets




      Which technical service of CE certification can be provided by us in mechanical field?

      1. Trains service for safety design and safety standard of machinery, requirements of new machinery directive

      2. Technical support service about safety doubt of manufacturer

      3. Safety evaluation and inspection of machinery

      4. Risk analysis and evaluation of machinery

      5. TCF complied and checked for manufacturer

      6. Provide reasonable modified scheme in order to non-conformity item.

      2006/42/EC new machinery directive CE certification

      1. This 2006/42/EC new directive applies to the following products:

      (a) Machinery;

      (b) Interchangeable Equipment;

      (c) Safety Components;

      (d) Lifting Accessories;

      (e) Chains, Ropes and Webbing;

      (f) Removable Mechanical Transmission Devices;

      (g) Partly Completed Machinery.

      2. The following are excluded from the scope of this Directive:

      (a) Safety components intended to be used as spare parts to replace identical components and supplied by the manufacturer of the original machinery;

      (b) Specific equipment for use in fairgrounds and/or amusement parks;

      (c) Machinery specially designed or put into service for nuclear purposes which, in the event of failure, may result in an emission of radioactivity;

      (d) Weapons, including firearms;

      (e) The following means of transport:

      — motor vehicles and their trailers covered by Council Directive 70/156/EEC of 6 February 1970 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to the type-approval of motor vehicles and their trailers (1), with the exclusion of machinery mounted on these vehicles,

      — vehicles covered by Directive 2002/24/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 March 2002 relating to the type-approval of two or three-wheel motor vehicles (2), with the exclusion of machinery mounted on these vehicles,

      —    motor vehicles exclusively intended for competition, and

      —    means of transport by air, on water and on rail networks with the exclusion of machinery mounted on these means of transport;

      (f) Seagoing vessels and mobile offshore units and machinery installed on board such vessels and/or units;

      (g) Machinery specially designed and constructed for military or police purposes;

      (h) Machinery specially designed and constructed for research purposes for temporary use in laboratories;

      (i) Mine winding gear;

      (j) Machinery intended to move performers during artistic performances;

      (k) Electrical and electronic products falling within the following areas, insofar as they are covered by Council Directive 73/23/EEC of 19 February 1973 on the harmonisation of the laws of Member States relating to electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits (3):

      — household appliances intended for domestic use,

      — audio and video equipment,

      — information technology equipment,

      — ordinary office machinery,

      — low-voltage switchgear and control gear,

      — electric motors;(l) the following types of high-voltage electrical equipment:

      —    switch gear and control gear,

      —    transformers.

      2, Machinery UL certification

      UL listing:

      Equipment in this category is designed to be programmed for a specific manufacturing application, such as assembly of components, packaging, sorting, or counting of parts, or hole punching or cutting, etc. The equipment may also incorporate manufacturing processes involving heating or cooling, drying, or gluing of parts, and is intended to be installed in accordance with NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, and NFPA 79, Industrial Machinery.


      1. Preliminary investigation

      Product overview      

      A physical inspection / construction overview of the product would be undertaken as a first step including the following subsystem as applicable.    

      I. Electrical system including control Panel

      II. Mechanical system

      III. Hydraulic system

      IV. Pneumatic system

      V. Lubrication system

      See the following item:

      Size of Devices (including enclosures and components)  

      Individual Component Requirements like Circuit breakers, contactors, push-button / selector switches, transformers etc.,

      Components that can be used without evaluation  

      Panel and other Enclosure Environmental Type Rating and tests  

      Spacing (including branch and control circuits and other circuits)  

      Wire Bending Space in Panels and Field Wire Sizing



      2.Field check and test

      - Anticipated Tests for Final UL Listing of Machine, as per UL508 and SU2011。

      Temperature Test,

      Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test,

      Single Phasing Test,

      Fan Locked Rotor Test,

      Blocked Filter Test,

      Drive Motor Locked Rotor Test,

      Emergency Stop Operation Test (including two-handed controls), and

      Breakdown of Components Test.

      UL machinery standard applied

      UL Subject 2011 – Factory Automation Equipment

      UL 50 – Enclosures for Electrical Equipment

      UL 508 – Industrial Control Equipment

      UL 508 A – Industrial Control Panels

      UL 508C – Power Conversion Equipment

      NFPA 79 – Industrial Machinery

      NFPA 70 – National Electrical Code (NEC)


      1. Safety regulations:

      Insulation resistance, leakage current, withstand voltage test

      2. EMC test items:

      Conducted disturbance, radiated disturbance, harmonic current, voltage fluctuation and flicker, electrostatic discharge immunity, radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity, radio frequency induced conducted disturbance immunity, electrical fast transient pulse group immunity, surge immunity Disturbance, power frequency magnetic field immunity, voltage sag and short-term interruption immunity.


      CE certification program:

      Step1: Create a CE project group

      Step2: Prepare a sample for our safety test and structural check

      Step3: Technical document principium review

      Step4: Safety check and pre-test of machinery

      Step5: Provide modification report

      Step6: Modify equipment for double check

      Step7: Prepare test report and compiled the TCF

      Step8: Submit the TCF in order to obtain NB’s authorization

      Step9: Affix CE mark.


      Consult Telephone Order
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