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      CN EN

      Product Testing

      Applicable Products

      Clinical chemistry analysis instrument, immunochemical analysis instrument, automatic blood analysis instrument, microbiological analysis instrument, automatic protein analyzer, biochemical analyzer, blood cell analyzer, blood gas analyzer, chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer, urine sediment analyzer, blood Coagulation instrument, automatic blood rheometer, automatic internal bacterial culture analyzer, microbial identification and bacterial susceptibility analyzer, nucleic acid purification instrument, blood tissue culture instrument, cryostat, biological tissue dehydrator, tissue embedding machine, Centrifuge, mixer, dyeing machine, high temperature pulse vacuum sterilizer, high temperature steam sterilizer, infrared electric sterilizer, high temperature disinfection cleaning machine, biological safety cabinet, etc.

      Oscilloscope, multimeter, ammeter, clamp meter, handheld voltage and current probes, voltage and current probe components, current transformers, electric energy meters, multi-loop intelligent monitoring units, motor retention controllers, various laboratory heating equipment, electric soldering irons, semi-automatic , Fully automatic experimental equipment, laboratory measuring instruments or sensors for temperature, pressure, and other parameters.


      1, Safety regulations:
      Input test, label wipe test, contact voltage, contact current test, ground continuity test, temperature and humidity (moisture) test, drop, impact and other mechanical tests, ball pressure test, normal temperature rise test, withstand voltage insulation test, abnormal test , Component failure test, etc.

      2, EMC test items:
      Conduction, radiation, static electricity, RS, EFT, surge, CS, power frequency magnetic field, voltage sag, etc.





      IEC report

      IEC 61010-1

      IEC 61010-2-101

      IEC 61010-2-020

      IEC 61010-2-040

      IEC 61010-2-051

      IEC 61010-2-081

      IEC 61010-2-030

      IEC 61010-2-032

      IEC 61010-2-033

      IEC 61010-031

      IEC 61326-1

      IEC 61326-2-1

      IEC 61326-2-2

      IEC 61326-2-3

      IEC 61326-2-4

      IEC 61326-2-5

      IEC 61326-2-6


      EN 61010-1

      EN 61010-2-101

      EN 61010-2-020

      EN 61010-2-040

      EN 61010-2-051

      EN 61010-2-030

      EN 61010-2-032

      EN 61010-2-033

      EN 61010-031

      EN 61326-1

      EN 61326-2-1

      EN 61326-2-2

      EN 61326-2-3

      EN 61326-2-4

      EN 61326-2-5

      EN 61326-2-6

      United States

      UL 61010-1

      FCC Part 18


      AS 61010.1









      YY 0648

      GB/T 18268.1

      GB/T 18268.21

      GB/T 18268.22

      GB/T 18268.23

      GB/T 18268.24

      GB/T 18268.25

      GB/T 18268.26


      1, Service advantage
      CCIC HTW has obtained CMA, CNAS (17025), AQSIQ, International Electrotechnical Commission CBTL, American UL, A2LA, FCC, TIMCO, CEC, German TUV, EMCC, Japanese VCCI, Norway DNV, NEMKO, British ITS, Canadian IC, Hong Kong EMSD And other qualifications.

      2, Can apply for certificates for customers including:
      International CB
      European Union CE
      German TUV
      U.S. FDA, UL, ETL, FCC
      Canada CSA, IC
      China CFDA
      Other international certifications...

      CCIC HTW instrument-equipped, experienced engineers, to provide one-stop service for the new market access.
      Consult Telephone Order
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