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      FCC-ID certification for wireless audio equipment Time:2021-12-22 15:21:28    Browse quantity:156   

      Audio equipment is mainly a general term for audio input and output equipment, and it includes many types of products, which can generally be divided into the following types: amplifiers, speakers, multimedia consoles, digital mixers, audio sampling cards, synthesizers, mid-to-high Frequency speakers, microphones, sound cards in PCs, earphones, etc. However, the general wireless audio products that want to export to the US market need to apply for FCC-ID certification.

      FCC-ID certification for wireless audio equipment

      What is FCC ID certification?

      FCC is the abbreviation of the Federal Communications Commission (Federal Communication Commission) of the United States. It was established in 1934. It mainly manages and controls radio and communications. It is a government agency and has law enforcement powers. It cooperates with the government and enterprises to formulate FCC regulations and standards. FCC certification is a compulsory EMC certification in the United States, mainly for 9K-3000GHZ electronic and electrical products. The content involves radio, communication and other aspects, especially the radio interference problems of wireless communication equipment and systems, including radio interference limits and measurement methods, and Certification system and organization management system, etc.

      Information and requirements for FCC ID certification of wireless audio equipment

      1. FCC application form: the application company name, address, contact information, product name and model, usage standards and other information are required to be accurate;

      2. FCC authorization letter: It must be signed and stamped by the contact person of the applicant company and scanned into an electronic file;

      3. FCC confidentiality letter: The confidentiality letter is an agreement signed by the applicant company and the TCB organization on the confidentiality of product information, which must be signed and stamped by the contact person of the applicant company and scanned into an electronic file;

      4. Block diagram: all crystal oscillators and crystal oscillator frequencies need to be drawn and kept consistent with the circuit diagram;

      5. Circuit diagram: must be consistent with the crystal frequency, the number of crystals and the position of the crystals in the block diagram;

      6. Line description: It is required to be in English, and the principle of realization of the function of the product is clearly described;

      7. Instructions for use: FCC warnings are required;

      8. Tag and tag location: The tag must have an FCC ID number and Statement, and the location of the tag must be significant;

      9. Appearance photos inside the product: the pictures are required to be clear and clear, and remarks should be added when necessary;

      10. Test report: The test is required to be completed, and the product is evaluated in an all-round way according to the standard terms;

      FCC-ID certification process for wireless audio equipment

      1. The applicant submits the application form, signs the contract and pays;

      2. The applicant prepares test samples (wireless products require fixed-frequency machines) and provides product information (see data requirements);

      3. "huatongwei" issues a draft report, the client confirms, and the official report is issued;

      4. If it is FCC sDoC, the project is completed; if it is to apply for FCC ID, submit the report and technical information to TCB;

      5. After the TCB audit is completed, the FCCID certificate is issued, and ZRLK sends the official report and FCC ID certificate;

      6. After the company obtains the FCC certification, it can use the FCC mark and related declarations on the product.

      For wireless audio equipment FCC-ID certification, please contact our company "peifeng.chen@szhtw.com.cn". We will provide you with professional and efficient testing and certification services, with favorable prices and courteous service. If you provide us with product pictures and specifications, we will give us the corresponding cycle, quotation and specific plan according to your product. Welcome to inquire!

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