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      Product Testing

      Applicable Products

      Huatongwei provides professional test and certification services for you. Scope of products:

      1.Personal computer


      3.Computer peripherals

      4.Display, monitor, projection equipment


      6.communication equipment and system

      7.Network access, relay, terminal equipment

      8.Optoelectronics and optical transmission equipment


      10.Adapter and power supply equipment

      11.Network terminal equipment

      Compliance laboratory reminder: Huatongwei laboratory is located in China, and the test price is 30% lower than that of overseas laboratories



      EMC Certification Items:
      European: CE-EMC/E-Mark/CE-R&TTE/E-Mark/TUV-EMC
      Asian: China-CCC/Taiwan-BSMI/Japan-VCCI/Korea-MIC/ Singapore-PSB/Saudi -SASO
      America: USA-FCC/Canada-IC
      Australia: C-Tick

      EMC Test Items:

      Surge immunity Test
      Conducted immunity (CS) Test
      Power interruptions and variations (DIP) Test
      Ring-Wave Test
      Harmonic current emissions Test
      Voltage fluctuations and flicker Test
      Electrostatic discharge Test
      Power frequency magnetic field susceptibility (PFMS) Test
      Radiated immunity (RS) Test
      Electrical fast transient (EFT) Test
      Radiated Emission (RE) Test
      Conducted Emission (CE) Test
      RF Test Items
      Radiated Spurious Emission (RSE) Test
      Conducted Spurious Emission Test
      Output Power Test
      Modulation Characteristic Test
      Frequency Deviation Test
      Frequency Error Test
      Effective Radiated Power Test
      Occupied Bandwidth Test


      we provide:
      EMC single test site rental service;
      EMI, EMS, RF testing, report issuance;
      Product certification services, obtained certificates issued by certification agencies in various countries;
      EMC countermeasure rectification service;
      EMC consulting, coaching and training for product design;

      National standards and regulations consulting and training


      1. Our advantage:
      All equipment in the EMC laboratory built by HTW uses cutting-edge EMC instruments from internationally renowned manufacturers such as German R&S, Swiss EMTEST, and American AR, which provides strong hardware support to ensure the accuracy of test results.

      2. Currently the laboratory has:
      One 10-meter standard semi-anechoic chamber
      1 3/5m standard semi-anechoic chamber
      4 test shielded rooms
      2 sets of electromagnetic disturbance test systems
      2 sets of electromagnetic immunity test systems
      1 set of wireless communication equipment test system
      1 set of anti-interference test system for audio and video equipment

      As well as many other sets of testing equipment, we can provide customers with one-stop EMC testing services.

      EMC laboratory environment visit:http://www.syhshwf.com/en/laboratory/140-123.html

      Consult Telephone Order
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