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      CN EN

      Product Testing

      Applicable Products

      CQC certification scope:

      The certification scope of CQC's product certification covers household and similar electrical appliances, electrical products, automobiles, motorcycles, tires, safety glass, audio and video products, information products, medical equipment, safety products, household hardware, ceramics, cement, machine tools , Toys, valves, small gasoline engines and other 78 products.


      China has implemented a national compulsory certification system (CCC certification) from May 1, 2002. Compulsory product certification is implemented for products listed in the CCC catalog. If certification is required for products not listed in the catalog, voluntary product certification can be adopted. Method, namely CQC certification. Therefore, if an enterprise declares imports with the CQC certificate below, it means that the imported goods are not included in the scope of compulsory product certification.


      CQC testing standards:

      002 Household Electric Appliances accessories? Standards?
      Automatic controller for household appliances: PTC automatic control heater, electromagnetic four-way commutator, current protector, water level switch, electric automatic controller (microcomputer control, thermal protector for motor, thermal protector for fluorescent lamp ballast, thermal protector for sealed and semi sealed motor compressor, electric automatic control system for burner, pressure sensitive electric automatic controller, Timer and timing switch: plug timer, TV timer, synchronous setter, hand disturbing timer, programmable controller, electric water valve: washing machine water valve, temperature sensitive controller: temperature controller, temperature limiter, bimetal chip thermostat, motor starter, electric appliance: voltage sensitive, current sensitive, PTC type, energy regulator, electric door lock, Humidity sensitive controller, electric starter, flat quick connect terminal, tubular electric heating element for daily use, appliance switch for household appliances, operating capacitor for AC motor (including electrolytic capacitor), microwave oven capacitor, electromechanical base relay, external power adapter, charger and internal switching power supply for household and similar appliances, High frequency and high voltage resonant induction heating capacitors, AC electric starting capacitors, computer program controllers for household washing machines, silicon nitride heating elements for household and similar electrical appliances, and infrared lamps for household and similar electrical appliances_ Yuba heating lamp, membrane electric heating element for household and similar use, flexible heating element for household and similar use, temperature control system for floor heating equipment for household and similar use, infrared radiation heater with non-metallic matrix, lithium ion battery and battery pack for portable household appliances CQC11-448321,CQC11-448319,CQC11-448311,CQC11-462124,CQC11-471114,CQC11-471113,CQC11-462155,CQC12-461237,CQC13-461241,CQC13-446441,CQC11-448315,CQC11-465121,CQC11-448316,CQC11-448317,CQC12-448318,CQC13-448189,CQC11-464118
      003 Electrical accessories? Standards?
      Special requirements for connectors for household and similar low-voltage circuits, connecting devices with threaded clamping parts as independent components, connecting devices with non threaded clamping parts as independent units, connecting devices with pierced insulation clamping parts as independent units, twist type connectors, terminal type connectors (termination and / or tapping) terminal boxes, Electrical apparatus, conduit, electronic, remote control and time delay switch, appliance switch, plug with fuse, converter, termination, fuse for automobile, electrical connector, industrial plug, socket and coupler, connector products for electric road vehicles CQC11-462195,CQC11-462195,CQC11-469431,CQC11-461233,CQC11-462124,CQC11-462126,CQC11-462127,CQC11-471841,CQC11-462193,CQC11-462222,CQC11-462298,CQC11-462299
      004Luminarines? Standards?
      Tubular fluorescent lamp holder and starter holder, screw socket, starter for fluorescent lamp, starting device (electronic trigger), DC electronic ballast, miscellaneous lamp holder, DC / AC electronic buck converter for tungsten filament lamp, capacitor for tubular fluorescent lamp and other discharge lamp circuit, AC / DC electronic ballast for high intensity gas discharge lamp (except fluorescent lamp), Electronic converter and frequency converter for high frequency cold start tubular discharge lamp (neon lamp), DC electronic ballast for public transport lighting, LED light source controller, miscellaneous electronic circuit combined with lamps, intelligent control terminal for lighting CQC11-465423,CQC11-465429,CQC11-465424,CQC11-465426,CQC11-465425,CQC12-465421,CQC11-461243,CQC12-461221,CQC12-465422,CQC12-461222,CQC12-461224,CQC12-465427,CQC13-465428
      007 Medical Device? Standards?
      Ultrasonic treatment equipment, B-type ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, color ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, other ultrasonic diagnostic devices, high-pressure generator of medical diagnostic X-ray generator, medical diagnostic X-ray source components and X-ray tube components, hollow fiber dialyzer, artificial cardiopulmonary machine ? Bubble oxygenator, artificial cardiopulmonary machine, rolling blood pump and pulsatile blood pump, heat exchanger of artificial cardiopulmonary machine, heat exchange water tank of artificial cardiopulmonary machine, electrocardiogram equipment, extracorporeal circulation blood circuit of blood purification device, hemodialysis device, medical X-ray diagnostic equipment, implantable cardiac pacemaker CQC11-481211,CQC11-481111,CQC11-481112,CQC11-481251,CQC11-481252,CQC11-481253,CQC11-481254,CQC11-481255,CQC11-481221,CQC11-481256,CQC11-481257,CQC11-481113,CQC11-481741
      008 Household Electric Appliances Standards?
      Tableware disinfection cabinet, electric blanket, electric mat, deep frying pan, frying pan, electric frying pan, electric razor, electric push shear and similar appliances, massage appliances, battery charger, roller dryer, dishwasher, sauna bath heating appliances, portable electric heating tools and similar appliances, household and similar electrical appliances - air purifier, humidifier, waste food processor, Heat preservation board, heat preservation dish and similar appliances, fabric steam engine, hand warmer, electronic toilet, surface cleaner, refrigerator, food freezer and freezer (over 500L), motor compressor, floor processor and wet scrubbing machine, water bed heater, oral hygiene appliance, household pump, electric ironing machine, aquarium and garden pond electrical appliances, whirlpool bathtub, high-pressure washing machine, Walking and hand-held lawn mowers and lawn trimmers, personal service and commercial entertainment appliances, insect killers, clothes dryers and towel racks, heat pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers, etc., heat storage room heaters, volatilizers, skin and hair care devices (non electrified heating elements), CQC mark certification, foot warmers, portable ovens for household and similar purposes (volume more than 10 liters), Household and similar electrical appliances - sterilization and purification of air purifiers, household and similar electrical appliances - sterilization, antibacterial and purification of refrigerators, household and similar electrical appliances - sterilization and antibacterial of electric washing machines, anti-bacterial and anti mold materials of household and similar electrical appliances, water purifiers, electric blankets, electric mats and similar flexible heating appliances, electric fans, Room air conditioner, household and similar electrical appliances software, electromagnetic compatibility of household and similar electrical appliances, intelligent household appliances, water heater with ultraviolet sterilization function, safety certification rules of electric balance vehicle, fresh air system (device) for household and similar uses, refrigerator, household and similar electrical appliances electric dishwasher, Household and similar electrical appliances - electronic toilet, air source heat pump hot air drying (dehumidification) unit, indoor and outdoor electrical products, household and similar integrated stoves, healthy electric water heater CQC12-448123,CQC12-448131,CQC12-448199,CQC12-448168,CQC12-448143,CQC12-448177,CQC12-448122,CQC12-448124,CQC12-448179,CQC12-448182,CQC12-448157,CQC12-448164,CQC12-448163,CQC12-448176,CQC12-448141,CQC12-448167,CQC12-448142,CQC12-448144,CQC12-448112,CQC11-439134,CQC12-448145,CQC12-448132,CQC12-448165,CQC11-432215,CQC12-448161,CQC12-043044,CQC12-448169,CQC12-448146,CQC12-442324,CQC12-038044,CQC12-448166,CQC12-448125,CQC12-439123,CQC12-448181,CQC12-448178,CQC12-448162,CQC12-448134,CQC12-448148,CQC16-448157,CQC16-448114,CQC16-448126,CQC16-304601,CQC13-439153,CQC18-448133,CQC12-448154,CQC16-439127,CQC16-448101,CQC15-448103,CQC16-448105,CQC13-448188,CQC13-469391,CQC64-439141,CQC16-448115,CQC16-448127,CQC64-448160,CQC64-439802,CQC16-448106,CQC12-448170,CQC16-448180
      027 Measurement and control equipment for experiment Standards?
      Electrical equipment and accessories for measurement, control and laboratory, hand held current pliers for electrical measurement and testing CQC12-044689,CQC12-482431


      CQC certification process:
      (1) The materials required to apply for certification (applicant, manufacturer, product, etc.);
      (2) The type and quantity of test samples required to apply for certification and the testing agency to be delivered;
      (3) The certification body conducts data review and unit division of working hours;
      (4) Standards based on sample testing and expected testing cycle;
      (5) It is estimated to arrange the time for the initial factory inspection, and the number of man-days required for the factory inspection based on the scale of the factory;
      (6) Working hours for conformity assessment of the sample test report and version issuance;
      (7) Estimated certification fee: application fee, approval and registration fee, test fee (including machine test, random safety component test), factory inspection fee.

      Consult Telephone Order
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