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      1. Introduction to Brazil ANATEL certification:

      Brazil ANATEL certification is a certification for telecommunications products.

      Anatel certification is divided into mandatory and voluntary certification. The approval procedure is the same for domestic and foreign products in Brazil. If the product requires compulsory certification, the test results and reports of the product must be consistent with the rules and regulations adopted by ANATEL. Before the product is put into use, an authorization certificate issued by ANATEL must be obtained.

      2. Brazil ANATEL certification mark:



      Compulsory certification is required for three types of telecommunications equipment:

      1, Type I

      Terminal equipment connected to the Fixed Switched Telephone Service (FSTS) network through the endpoint;

      Equipment that connects the private telecommunication network to the FSTS network;

      A device connected to the FSTS network for the purpose of providing value-added services.

      2, Type II

      Any equipment that uses radio that is not covered by Type I, such as low-voltage installations, unlicensed equipment, and antennas.

      3, Type III

      Any equipment that is not covered by Type I or II and is subject to ANATEL’s rules and regulations.


      1. Notes for Brazilian anatel certification:

      1. All products in the ANATEL announced list need to be certified;

      2. The certificate/authorization holder (importer, manufacturer) must be confirmed by the Brazilian law;

      3. Type I certificates are valid before cancellation, and the validity period of the other two types of certificates is two years;

      4. The user manual, installation guide and warning signs must be in Portuguese. Other documents can be in English;

      5. The product must have a label, containing the following information: ANATEL logo certification number (bar code); manufacturer's name; year of manufacture; model number; serial number; distributor's registration number.

      2. Application for Brazilian anatel certification:

      Directly click on the online consultation on the right (click below to dial or online consultation on the mobile terminal), or leave a message with us, and write your request, our company Huatongwei will arrange relevant certification personnel to communicate with you, we are a country The designated testing and certification agency, welcome to consult!

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