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      Product Testing

      Applicable Products











      Adapted products:

      Battery, light bulb, socket, mobile phone, tablet, copier, TV, etc.


      The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) notified the "Electronic and Information Technology Commodities (Compulsory Registration Requirements) Order" on October 3, 2012, covering 15 categories of electronic products.

      On November 13, 2014, MeitY added another 15 product categories to this order.

      On August 23, 2017, MeitY added another 13 product categories based on this order.

      On September 5, 2017, the Ministry of New Energy and New Energy (MNRE) has notified 2017 orders for solar photovoltaics, systems, equipment and components (mandatory registration requirements).

      According to the requirements, no one is allowed to manufacture or store for sale, import, sell or distribute goods that do not meet the Indian standards specified in the order. Manufacturers of these products must apply for registration with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) after conducting product tests from BIS-accredited laboratories.

      The Bureau of Indian Standards then registers manufacturers under its registration scheme, allowing them to declare that their items comply with Indian standards. Then, the registered manufacturer is allowed to submit the standard mark notified by the Radiocommunication Bureau.

      The mandatory registration plan is carried out in accordance with Plan II stipulated by the Bank for International Settlements (Compliance Assessment) in 2018.


      BIS authentication method:

      India local authorized laboratory test + BIS certification

      India BIS certification application process:

      1. Application

      Foreign sellers who want to obtain BIS certification generally need to use a special application form and prepare relevant documents to apply to the BIS New Delhi headquarters;

      2. Record

      BIS will review the application documents and materials submitted by the applicant, and if the procedures are complete, the application will be recorded (the applicant must pay the corresponding processing fee);

      3. Initial factory inspection

      BIS will assign an official group of no more than 2 people to the factory for inspection, and applicants also need to bear the expenses of the official group's travel to the factory for inspection, visa expenses, and corresponding inspection costs;

      4. Issuing a certificate

      If the initial inspection and test results are qualified, and the applicant agrees to implement the BIS-approved inspection and test plan after certification and pay the BIS identification fee, BIS can issue a certificate to the applicant, and the certificate is valid for one year. After the certificate is granted, the certificate holder must pay the identification fee and the annual certificate fee every year.

      5. Supervision

      BIS will supervise the quality of its certified products through regular supervision of witnesses and surprise inspections and tests on samples in factories and markets. If it is checked regularly and the samples taken from the factory or the market meet the requirements after the factory inspection and independent test results, the certificate can be updated. The licensee submits an application for renewal to BIS by submitting the designated form. The certificate renewal fee is 500 rupees. In addition, the licensee also has to bear the cost of sample inspection.


      nformation to be submitted for certification

      Factory information (business license, ISO certificate, etc.)

      Product information (instructions, specifications, bom tables, etc., refer to the CB test provided)

      Certification mark:

      Consult Telephone Order
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